New York has many popular shopping destinations.  Near Bluedata International Institute is the world-famous Herald Square (34th Street near Broadway and 6th Ave).  Herald Square is famous for its big stores, such as Macy’s Department Store on 34th Street (the biggest department store in the United States).  Other popular stores in the Herald Square area include H&M, Desigual, Uniqlo, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters.

Many famous and luxury companies have opened stores in New York.  Many stores are very big and offer a large selection of luxury goods.  You can visit the website Go for a list of luxury brands.

New York is world-famous for its world-wide cuisine. With people from all over the world living here, you can find just about every kind of food you’re looking for. Students from Bluedata are lucky to be right in the center of Manhattan where food options are endless. Of course, you can find Starbucks and McDonalds (or Shack if you’re feeling adventurous), but many people choose to eat more authentic food in the neighborhood, such as at Essen, which is located right across the street from Bluedata, or Chef Yu, which serves a variety of Asian dishes right around the corner. Just a few blocks downtown at 32nd Street, you’ll find Korea-Town, where you can find tons of Korean BBQ restaurants, and in the East Village, between St. Mark’s Place and 10th Street, you can find “ Tokyo” with all kinds of Japanese ramen shops, sushi bars, and teahouses. NYC is also home to Italy, located in lower Manhattan. Who doesn’t love a delicious bowl of pasta or real-deal pizza! Little Italy is also right next to which draws in tourists and foodies from all over the world who want to indulge in dim sum, dumplings, and pork buns.

Additionally, NYC is home to Michelin-starred restaurants, some of the word’s most iconic food (think York Cheesecake!), and,%20NY%20%7C%20Manhattan%20%7C%20Brand&utm_term=seamless&efkwid=34579821&ef_id=CjwKCAjwmdDeBRA8EiwAXlarFlzRjuYmjjDDuWSdm1lGPGOI0DgPxeuDKz2YhqBhQBr2S7JekrVZyhoC4J4QAvD_BwE:G:s24-hour food delivery no matter where you live or what you’re craving.

Grocery shopping is especially easy in NYC because there are so many grocery stores ( Foods, Joe’s,’Agostino’s, Emporium, Market, etc…), and you can even have groceries delivered to your apartment through the Fresh app, or try meal plan delivery services such as Fresh or Chef.


Although Central Park in Manhattan is the most famous New York City park, there are dozens of of accessible parks located all across the 5 boroughs.  To find a park near you, you can visit of Parks (Manhattan). To change boroughs, click on the tab of the borough you want.


Statue of Liberty has been standing in New York Harbor for more than a century, becoming a symbol of New York and even the United States. For information on touring the Statue of Liberty, please visit your Visit.

The Empire State Building is a famous skyscraper located at 20 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001. Visitors can look out over New York from the 102-story observation deck and the 86-story observation deck.

New York Public Library

Museums and Zoos. There are over 100 museums in the city – some popular examples include:

 Art Museums: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), The Guggenheim, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The Whitney Museum of American Art

 Science Museums: The Museum of Natural History, New York Hall of Science, New York Botanical Garden

 Zoos: Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, New York Aquarium

Entertainment and Sports

 Entertainment/Fun

 Sports

o American Football: MetLife Stadium (New York Giants and New York Jets)

 Although both teams represent New York, MetLife Stadium is located in nearby New Jersey

o Baseball: Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees), Citi Field (New York Mets)

o Basketball: Madison Square Garden (New York Knicks), Barclay Center (Brooklyn Nets), Westchester County Center (New York Liberty)

o Ice Hockey: Madison Square Garden (New York Rangers), Barclay Center (New York Islanders)

o Soccer/Football: Yankee Stadium (New York City FC), Red Bull Arena (New York Red Bulls)

 Although the Red Bulls represent New York, Red Bull Arena is located in nearby New Jersey

o Tennis: Arthur Ashe Stadium (the annual US Open)

Accidents and illnesses can occur unexpectedly, which is why it is crucial to be prepared for these situations.  It is important to obtain healthcare insurance immediately upon arriving in the U.S. You should not go a day without being covered because the U.S. does not give free access to healthcare.  Bluedata does not offer health coverage to students, but there are many options for International Students. Some options include:

1)Choose from several healthcare options on the New York State of Health marketplace Here, you will be guided through a series of steps where you will need to enter information.  In order to use the website to enroll for healthcare, you must first create a My NY account. Based on your information, you will be given a list of healthcare options to choose from.  If you need help, you can find a who can help you enroll for coverage.

Extensive insurance plans that are accepted by many healthcare providers are  private insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Healthcare,, and It may be a good idea to find a local doctor and see what healthcare plans they accept before choosing a plan. You can use websites like to find doctors who accept your coverage.

2) is the leading healthcare insurance for F-1 international students. You can choose a plan that is specific to your needs, budget, and visa. You will want to find a doctor who accepts international student insurance by reviewing

3) is a company that offers information about healthcare. You can learn about the health insurance market in the United States to help you find the best care to meet your needs.

Choosing a cell phone plan in United States is somewhat different from other countries. In the United States there are three types of cell phone plans: prepaid plan, individual plan, and family plan.

1). Prepaid plan

For a prepaid plan, you have to buy a prepaid cell phone card. A social security number (SSN) is not required to apply for it, and there is no monthly fee. However, prepaid plans are generally more expensive than other plans.

2). Individual plan

Individual plans cover only you and no one else.  The plan may include cell phones at a reduced price or even for free.  Individual plans require a SSN. If you do not have a SSN, a deposit is usually required.

3). Family Plan

Family plans cover multiple people in one household. The cellphones are included, and just like an Individual plan, they are usually at a reduced price or free.  Family plans require a SSN. If you do not have an SSN, a deposit is usually required.

In the United States, there are more than 150 carriers that offer different types of cell phone plans.  The largest and most popular carriers include: Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Smaller carriers include: Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, Boost Wireless.

Each carrier has their strengths and weaknesses.  Bigger carriers tend to be more expensive, while smaller carriers may have weaker cell phone services.  Bigger carriers may also offer additional services such as bundling (for example, combining cell phone and home internet services).  Smaller carriers might have better prices for their plans. Before deciding on a plan, make sure you read through the contract to avoid surprise charges and fees.

If you do not want to get a new cell phone, you can get a new SIM card for your phone. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about SIM cards, carriers, brands, and types here. You can also head to one of the following nearby stores to get more information and have a SIM card installed in your phone. and Simple SIM Card Authorized Dealer – 580 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018 Pocket – NYC 2 W 46th St Suite 1609, New York, NY 10036 – 315 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Yes, most financial institutions will allow International students to open accounts.  Popular financial institutions near Bluedata include Bank of America, Chase, Citibank,–BoC4w4QAvD_BwE TD Bank.  Click on the links to find out more information about opening a bank account as an international student. You can also visit a branch and ask about opening an account.  The bank personnel will tell you what type of accounts are available and what documents you need to provide in order to open an account. Some banks offer free accounts for students.  If you need help, you can speak to a school agent.

Here are banks near Bluedata that you can visit as you decide where to open an account.

Bank of America: 1 Penn Plz FRNT 7, New York, NY 10119

Chase Bank: 498 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Citibank: 201 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001

TD Bank: 1155 6th Avenue, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10036

New York City has a vast public transportation system comprised of subways, trains, bus routes, taxis, ferries, Citibikes, Uber, Lyft, and more! Learn more about New York’s public transportation in general here.

Below, you will see all you need to know about transportation to Bluedata. There are several ways to get to Bluedata via several transportation methods.

Our school address is 500 8th Avenue Suite 800, New York, New York 10018.  The building is located between 35th and 36th Street.

Subway:  If taking the A, C, E, 1, 2, and 3 trains, stop at 34th Street Penn Station.  Then walk to 8th Avenue, between 35th and 36th Street. You can also take the B, D, F, M, N, Q, or R trains to 34th Street Herald Square station.  Walk north-west to 8th Avenue, between 35th and 36th Street. If taking the 7 train, you can get off at 42nd Street Times Square and then either walk down along 8th Avenue to 36th/35th Street, or transfer to the A, C, E, N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3 trains.

The subway is the easiest and fastest way to get around all 5 boroughs. You will need to purchase a “Metro-card” from inside any subway station in the city. If you purchase a Metro-card, you can add time or value to your card, but you can also just buy a single ride. If you choose to add value rather than time on your Metro-card, each ride will cost $2.75, but you may change trains once inside the subway without an additional fee. Remember that if you are taking the subway in Manhattan, you need to know if you are heading “Uptown” or “Downtown.” You can refer to the street numbers. If the street number is getting bigger, you need to take an uptown train. If the street number is getting smaller, you need to take a downtown train.  You can also think of uptown as north and downtown as south. Also, if you are taking a train to another borough, look for signs or listen for announcements that say, “Brooklyn-Bound,” “Queens-Bound,” “Bronx-Bound,” or “Manhattan-Bound,” for example. Here is a link to the NYC subway map. If you ever need help figuring out the subway, feel free to ask an agent or your teacher!


From Long Island: Take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to Pennsylvania Station, or take Metro North trains to Grand Central Terminal.  If arriving at Pennsylvania Station, follow exit directions to 8th Avenue, then walk towards 35th/36th Street.  If arriving at Grand Central Terminal, you can take the 7 train to 42nd Street Times Square, then walk south on 8th Avenue until you reach 36th/35th Street.

From NJ: Take NJ Transit or take PATH trains to 34th Street Penn Station. If taking NJ Transit, Remember, there are two Penn Stations: Newark Penn Station (in New Jersey) and New York Penn Station (in New York City). Take NJ Transit from Newark Penn Station to New York Penn Station (34th Street).  If arriving at the 34th Street PATH station, walk north-west to 8th Avenue, between 35th and 36th Street.

Buses:  If coming from New Jersey, Upstate New York, Westchester, or Connecticut, take a bus to Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd Street and then walk south along 8th Avenue to Bluedata between 35th and 36th Streets, or take the A, C, or E train one stop to 34th Street Penn Station.

Unfortunately, Bluedata does not currently provide housing for students.  Resources for housing include online and mobile applications such as Street Easy, Pad Mapper, or websites such as, Zillow, and Craigslist. On these websites, you can filter your search results to find an apartment that suits your budget, ideal location and size, amenities preferences, and even transportation services nearby.  Please use caution when using these applications or websites to avoid scams. Look for apartments that are listed under “No Fees” to avoid paying a broker to help you find a place.

Additionally, there are several ways to find roommates, which makes housing in New York City much more affordable. Websites such as Roomeze and Perfect Stranger make finding compatible roommates easier than ever. You can use filters to find an apartment with your ideal roommate. If you’re looking for an apartment using this method, a representative from the company will help you find the right place for you. They will give you several options, show you the listings in person, and introduce you to the roommates to make sure you all get along. You will share the rent with your new roommates.

If you do not live in NYC, you will want to check out these websites to see what is available. We recommend that you visit any potential apartments before signing a lease. You will want to get a feel for the neighborhood, see if the apartment is clean, and check the noise level of the street. Because you will usually be required to sign a 12-month lease, it is important to find an apartment where you feel safe and comfortable. It is a good idea to stay in a hotel or with friends or family as you look for an apartment.

To begin your apartment search, it’s wise to do some research on friendly neighborhoods for students looking for off-campus housing. Please refer to this website as you narrow down your search. Although Bluedata is located in Manhattan, many students choose to live in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or New Jersey.

New York City (or just New York), one of the most famous cities in the world, is made up of 5 regions (called boroughs): Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.  With over 8 million people, NYC is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse cities in the world. Over 800 languages are spoken here!

New York is also often called “The City that Never Sleeps”.  You can always find something to do, somewhere to eat, or someplace to visit no matter what time of day.  Living in this city is always full of surprises: parades, marathons, concerts, or even film productions. Each day holds a new, exciting, and enriching experience. You are going to love living here.

Did you know? Although New York City is located in New York State, it is not the state capital.  Albany is the capital of New York State.

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